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The membership on Match was growing by the day with mobile users climbing up to 81% in 2014. Well, you can now conveniently get dates even without having to sit on a bar stool on a Friday night (unless you’re too damn lazy to get your bored single self out of bed and get dressed up. Just kidding!). What makes Match a better platform is that because it is a paid premium service, prima facie you can see that the member profiles are of a better quality & standard and are even thought out well. Even the profiles are easy to navigate, and the display text was alright as well. If this makes you to join then wait before hurting to join because offers the promo code to the users to save some money and you can get it by visiting our friends site promo code alerts.

There is also a lesser chance of coming across gold diggers on the website given that you have to pay a certain fee for the subscription and/or coming across people who just want booty calls and one night stands. It is now time to contradict the first sentence. There are numerous people who have been hoodwinked through the very website through which they were hoping to find commitment. One woman in particular got asked for help by a guy she met there who in turn wanted to be helped out with some problem he was facing with the Customs department. As she later realized, first she had never been able to meet him in person and secondly she had been financially duped.

Several people who have taken up a free six-month trial membership realized that the service was charging money without their prior approval. The disadvantage is that you have to pay money prior to starting a conversation with somebody. It also takes up a lot of time to properly set up your profile. Due to the humongous size of the site, it takes a lot of time for your problems to be redressed. It is also quite easy for the same person to set more than one fake profile and moderately possible that you would come across fake profiles that have been set up by the same person. These are the disadvantageous outcomes of having a large website but no control whatsoever over fake profiles.

People have varied experiences and skeptics will always be there to question everything. You need to check out Match yourself because it still happens to be a nice place where you can find people you could have fun with. Who knows, it could bloom into something meaningful!